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Made to Measure Panel Blinds


Bringing a unique quality to window treatments, Panel Blinds fully meet the requirements of modern architecture with it’s expansive glazing.

You can choose between straight or curved tracks with flat and folding panels,  (Panel Glide, Panel Fold, Panel Flex).

Because panel blind systems look as appealing from either side, they can be used also as effective moveable room dividers.

The track is fitted to the ceiling, available in different stacking and channel options – left to right and the fabric panels are easy to remove for cleaning.


The Circular Panel Blind System is the first of its kind.

Customers own fabric can be made up into the panels – dimout available.

Inspired by the east – the unique Panel Glide System works equally as well when used as a window treatment or as a room divider system. In contemporary offices or home interiors it is eye-catchingly beautiful in its simplicity as well as being practical for maintenance.

Panels detach easily from the Velcro® carrier in the top channel and bottom weight bars are easily removed. Panels can be operated by hand with a draw rod, cord or electric operation. Various stacking options are available.

Our fabrics can be made up as panels, from our screen materials through to blackout fabrics. By selecting your own fabrics you can create your desired look.

Furthermore the simple detaching of the panels from the carrier means that, by exchanging fabrics the look of a room can be altered in minutes.

Manually operated panel blinds – circular track – wide selection of fabrics

Manually operated panel blinds – circular track – wide selection of fabrics

Laser cut fabric panel blinds

Laser cut fabric panel blinds

Sliding Panel Blinds

Sliding Panel Blinds. Image supplied by Silent Gliss.