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Made to Measure Venetian Blinds


Along with vertical blinds, Venetian blinds remain the most flexible window treatment for light control. All manual systems are mono-control with one chain or cord operating both the tilting of the slats and the raising/ lowering of the blind.

We can provide systems, operated using the extremely user friendly wand and cord method, that have been specifically designed so that the cord holes are in the back of the slat. This means that no direct light comes through the blind when closed, ideal for computer use.

Metal Venetian slats are available in 15mm, 25mm and 50mm in a vast range of colours. In addition Wood Venetians remain hugely popular and we offer 15 colours in environmentally friendly bass-wood.

Motorisation of both aluminium and wooden Venetians is also possible.

Now available in leather finish!

Silhouette – fabric slats float between layers of sheer fabric filtering the light gently into the room. Can be used as a voile/sheer blind in the daytime or can be closed in the evening.

Plissé – perfect light control, heat reflection and privacy make them ideal for a conservatory and superb for standard and shaped windows.

Contemporary style and setting

Contemporary style and setting

Wooden venetian blinds in more informal setting

Wooden venetian blinds in more informal setting